Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The nightmare that is the far right

We are the winners here us roar.
With a commanding 51 percent - we command doubt to be no more.

Our words are now sanctified in the halls of heaven.
We will hear no voice that does not come from our brethren.

Truth now looks to us to define what is real.
Our faithful belief alone authorizes our zeal.

Remember, all men have choices that they choose to make.
The needy need because they fail to work their stake.

They are not due the monies at our command.
For those monies are reserved for the corporate of man.

You see, unlike the needy, they benefit their many.
And have for this earned the governments penny.

Liberal you must be if your words are not our own.
Know that this offense is evil and worthy of the stone.

Least it slip from your thoughts you Ralphs of this land.
The justice bequeathed a Roger is now penned from our hands.

Be mindful then the words of Jack.
For he commands the lead in our tribes pack.

So if you are perplexed, dismayed, or confused.
Tune into our stations and begin to mimic our views.

A short time will pass when soon you will awake.
To a world without the evils of the compromise from debate.