Thursday, March 31, 2005

Go Team Go!

It is one thing to defend an issue and quite another to take the position that your team, no matter the issue, is always right. Team mentality politics is easy - no thinking required - Go team go!

Unfortunately, political issues are not part of a game. These issues are not merely individual plays that will lead ones party to some grand super bowl victory. Each of these important issues, by themselves, affect people directly - they have consequences that are far more important then chalking up another victory in this quest for a non existent super bowl.

For the most simple minded Americans among us their party has become their family, and as their family, it must be defended at any cost - no matter what the members of that family really stand for. In their minds if they do wrong it is with the rationalization that it is in defense of the greater good that they, and only they, represent.

Each and every political issue should be judged on its merits and not on its party affiliation. Debate and compromise has been, and should be, the method to change in this country. The republicans are always right crowd among us would have us believe that their leaders speak the infallible words of a god - so that we are not burdened with finding the truth for ourselves - if only life was that simple.