Monday, April 11, 2005

Give me your mind

It is truly amazing how devious the religious zealots among us can be in their attempt to control the reality of the world around them.

A coworker of mine recently went to a seminar whose premise was that we need to spend more time with our children to cultivate their personal and religious lives. I could hear him speaking about this philosophy - which really cannot be argued with - that we should all spend more time speaking with and cultivating our children. This idea is not devious - it is totally positive and anyone making an argument contrary to this would be seen as inhuman and without a moral compass.

The next view that then began to be explained by my coworker, a view that was also part of this recently attended seminar, was the creationism view - a view based on a strict literal interpretation of the Bible. You know the one where the world is really only 6,000 years old. Curiously the modern creationist will attempt to use scientific reasoning to persuade you that the current science which helps to support the theory of evolution is wrong. Of course they first have to interject a great deal of non scientific reasoning to make this argument. Again, I do not find the teaching of creationism to be devious. I personally do not have a problem with those who wish to fill their days arguing that a reality based on creationism is just as scientifically possible as one based on evolution.

What does bother me, and something that I do find devious and bordering on mind control, is an organization that combines the two topics of "child growth through nurturing" and "reality by way of creationism" together in the same seminar. The intent to manipulate the audience is obvious to any one who still has an objective and rational mind. However, since the audiences to these seminars are selected from specific groups I doubt that objective minds are well represented.

By teaching an indisputably positive, moral, family view with a very disputable religious view they make the acceptance of creationism feel better to the audience. Indeed, from a psychological stand point, what better way to win an audience over then by first healing their hearts through some very beneficial advice. Once the leaders of this seminar, these angels of good intent, have proven to you that they have the self interest of your family and you in mind how could you doubt that they are any less correct when they expresses their arguments that the human centric view of existence explains the real reality. To me this behavior is the definition of the word devious. Because only those who administer this sugar coated pill know that the intent of this mind control medicine is to persuade you by first anesthetizing your reason.

Like any fanatical movement this is just another modern example of how a person is first embraced by a belief and then manipulated by the ones who stand above the believers. The thinking shepherd among the ignorant sheep so to speak. To them each convert is one mind closer to imposing their beliefs on those who are not so easily persuaded by their methods or their arguments.