Friday, April 01, 2005

The Social Security Sky is Falling

To Eric who said:

"If nothing is done, automatic benefit cuts of 27% (for everyone) kick in when the trust fund is depleted in 2041."

I reply:
It is amazing how successful Bush's plan to create a crisis has worked on you. The idea that a problem in 2041 is a crisis today - short of a giant meteor screaming towards the earth - is laughable. Especially since a 73% SS benefit in 2041 is probably better then what Americans will get if they allow this ideological based crisis to force them into making a rash decision today.

Bush, a politician to his very core, is well aware that in a crisis people will delegate their thinking to those they trust - whether they are trustworthy or not. Now that the sky is falling SS crisis has been seen for the rhetoric that it really is, Bush - and his boys - are praying for a sacrificial democrat to come along to save them from the political hole that they, and they alone, dug themselves into.

I can see it already - as soon as that first democrat enters the SS Colosseum that was built by the republicans. He opens his bipartisan mouth in an attempt to overt a false crisis only to be met by a roar of dissent from the ruling class who scream loudly and enthusiastically; down with taxes, down with big government, down with liberals.

Then, once the lions have fully feasted on this poor, well intentioned democrat, they are free to return to their positions of power feeling quite vindicated. Now they have turned their hole into a mound, a mound that they can use to preach from in defeating democrats in future elections.

If you think this characterization of politics is overly cynical then you must be either naive (meaning young in age), ignorant (as in being in a coma for the last 15 years), or stupid (meaning a win at all cost, no debate, no compromise republican).