Thursday, April 14, 2005

Their ears are closed to your "Freedom of Speech"

After reading the blog entry listed below and then reviewing the comments that others made to this story I decided to make some comments of my own.

Art Exhibit Featuring Bush Stamp Probed
April 13, 2005

The comments I made to this article were as follows:

Look at the discussion that has been created by a very simple image. The conversation that has taken place here, the good as well as the bad, would not exist if not for this image. The wave of questions that have been raised here (What is the intent or meaning of this image? Does this image violate freedom of speech? What effect will the patriot act have on America?) came from this image and this image alone. That my friends is called freedom of speech. In less free places in this world these conversations never take place. Not only because they are outlawed but because the incident that sparks the conversation is outlawed. So prosecute this artist to the extent that your nature speaks to you. Your voice is made possible because his voice is not yet silent.

After I made these comments on the BlogsForBush web site I thought this would be a good test on how to use a blog trackback. By doing this the readers of this story could be linked to the entry I made previously on my blog called "Reality Versus Perception". I felt that the "Reality Versus Perception" entry made a good point about letting others dictate what is real.

The procedure for setting up this link is simple enough. You fill in the appropriate trackback information and then give your link an introduction. The introduction that I wrote said:

It is distressing to think that there are so many people who believe that the phrase "freedom of speech" is more like clay then it is like stone.

Once this information is entered you then send a request to the site that you want to link to - this is called pinging the site. If they accept your request the link is made - if they do not then you are given a reason why. I finished entering the necessary information and then anxiously pressed the "ping now" button.

Unfortunately, the BlogsForBush web site, much like our current administration, is not interested in having a free and open exchange of ideas. The reply that I received back from my trackback request was simply "Your ping was denied for questionable content".

Oh well. It would seem that for those who fail at turning the rock into clay the next best choice is to hide it away.