Thursday, May 12, 2005

His "Freedom Crusade" means our children

Political Animal
Kevin Drum
May 10, 2005

"Bush is a master of using codewords in his speeches, and inserting Yalta into this speech wasn't a casual decision. It was there for someone. Who?"

My view on the Yalta reference in Bush's speech:

Bush's Yalta comments in this speech were meant primarily for the American people. The purpose of these comments is to create a new neo-con reality for the American mission in the 21st century. This projected reality is consistent with the rhetoric and actions of this administration since 9/11. Below is a revealing comment that Bush made in this speech:

"Yet this attempt to sacrifice freedom for the sake of stability left a continent divided and unstable."

It seems as though the neo-cons want to have a better justification to sanctify future preemptive confrontations based solely on "spreading democracy and liberty". It is as though they are trying to make a case for preemptive war that does not require them to stretch the truth (or lie) by directly tying it to the war on terror. In the minds of the neo-cons we should all agree that the "World Freedom Crusade" is America's true mission and that we should no longer be content with the old post Yalta mission of "America First".

My problem with this new ideology is that Bush, and his administration, has made no real attempt to enlist the world in the "World Freedom Crusade". If he was successful at first persuading the rest of the world to support this mission then, at least in my mind, it would no longer be the "World Freedom Crusade" but become the "World Freedom Movement". A movement based on shared sacrifice. In my opinion shared sacrifice is an essential ingredient for a movement while sole sacrifice is the main ingredient of a crusade. Unfortunately the neo-cons do not see a problem with America providing the sole sacrifice in this "Freedom Crusade" - as long as it is the soul of another non elite that is being sacrificed.

As a father of two my opinion is that there is no way that the American population is going to exclusively sacrifice their children in a "Freedom Crusade" to bring one man's view of democracy to the rest of the world. The children of this country are not fodder to feed the legacy of one man or his party.