Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ring that bell

That is curious. All of my conservative friends just started drooling at the same time. Oh, I see, they were just reading an article about the liberal main stream media. Pavlov never tried his bell on elephants but it seems to work on them also.

Journalism digs deeper into niche
Bruce Kesler
Augusta Free Press Online

As usual the continued opinionating on the demise of the Main Stream Media (MSM) leads the subjective evaluators to their desired conclusion - The MSM is too liberal and their stubbornness in not correcting this abhorrent behavior is killing them. Well, if this nugget of information was closer to the one hundredth time that it has entered my brain then it is to the one millionth time it might appear to be closer to a golden truth then it does to a foolish farce.

Actually the point in making this simplistic argument is more for the sake of the implied solution then it is for identifying the real problem. The impure logic goes something like this. If reporting by the MSM is too liberal and this has caused it to lose the attention of the listener then to attract more listeners they should become more conservative in their reporting. This always unproven argument, even if it was valid, is so overtly over simplistic that the only people who accept it without question are its advocates in the Republican party and the mooing heard that listens to them.

The problem with the MSM - for those who are really interested in an objective and rational discussion on the subject - cannot be encapsulated by a phrase like "too liberal" any more then the education problems in America can be encapsulated by the phrase "bad teachers". The reason that the old shaky hands which still guide the MSM haven't been seduced by this simplistic argument is that they see it for the self serving straw-man that it is. They realize that those people who are shouting "the MSM is too liberal" the loudest are the ones who are least concerned with finding the truth through objectivity. Instead these biased voices would rather have the MSM project their perceptions directly to their constituents and desired converts.

In truth - for those who prefer reality over perception - the source of the problems with the MSM has little to do with a liberal bias. The source of these problems are more accurately explained by considering the strict market forces that are being applied to the MSM in an age when real time information is readily and cheaply available. And, in my opinion, anyone who discusses the demise of the MSM by placing the mouse sized liberal argument above the elephant sized market based ones has shown themselves to be biased, self serving, and unworthy of the listeners attention.