Thursday, July 14, 2005

A reality made of straw

The Karl Rove/Valerie Plame Kerfuffle
July 14, 2005
"Thus, there is no story here (at least no Rove is a criminal angle). This is nothing but blind partisanship of the left and their willing accomplices in the (we're not biased!) MSM"

My reply to Brian on his above conclusion:
I find your conclusion very disappointing. Let's see if I have it right. Because there currently isn't any obvious criminality on the part of Rove there is no basis for the MSM to report on the evolving story of his involvement in this investigation.

Your statement above seems to propose that the American people do not need to know some very important facts that are part of an investigation that has been going on for more then a year. Additionally, your treatment of this entire subject in this post seems to indicate that the American people shouldn't be aware that a close confidant of the president, probably with his approval and the vice presidents prodding, is free to smear the reputation of another man because he will not toe the desired policy line - even if the facts justified his disobedience. So it would seem to you that none of this information and behavior is important to the American people. People, like me, who are trying to raise their children with a sense of right and wrong and who ultimately only have a single vote with which to pass judgement on the people who run our country.

What your post tells me, and any one else who is getting their information from numerous sources, is that your reality (consciously or subconsciously) is filtered through partisan Republican colored glasses. When you hear information that conflicts with this preferred reality you immediately form that information into a straw man that you can easily defeat. In this case your "Rove is not a criminal" statement is the straw man that you have built to protect your team - the team of your preferred reality. Now, in your mind, if Rove does not go to jail then you and your team have been vindicated. If, however, your straw man turned out to be stronger then originally intended (and Rove was found to be criminal in this case) I have no doubt that you would then defend your team with some liberal MSM conspiracy argument.

The non straw man reality, my reality, is more objective and honest then yours. It sees that this story being covered by the MSM, and displayed to the American people, is a story of morals, ethics, and criminality. My reality understands that only when all of these subjects have been presented factually to the members of this republic will they have been honestly served by their media. Fortunately for all of us your desired reality, in this case, is not a filter through which the MSM stories have to pass.