Thursday, December 22, 2005

The certainty in a smile

Michael makes the below comment in his post entitled:

On the production of fresh wingnuts

"But in the interest of fostering a spirit of ecumenical inquiry and intellectual diversity, this humble and oft-perplexed blog will entertain alternate theories that try to account for the production of wingnuts.”

From what I have been able to see a part of the explanation seems to be that at some point they decided that they would rather have someone else bear the enormous responsibility of finding the truths in life. The enormity and complexity of this struggle became too much for them to sustain. Eventually they were drawn to the party that deplores debate of any kind - especially the internal ones. A party that does not have to prove a truth because they adamantly adhere to the truths that they are told.

This observation is made extremely evident when you observe how those in the righteous party engage their opponents in a debate. Invariably they always speak from the same script. A script that has been prepared for them. A script that does not require the consideration of their own personal experience and acquired knowledge. A script that requires no investment of their thoughts - just an investment of their time.

In my mind at least this is the secret to the current success that the Republican Party has found with many moderate minds - they offer the smile of certainty in an uncertain world. For those made weak by the burdens of life sometimes a reassuring smile is all that it takes to leave ones thoughts behind.